What is “イーサリアムnavi(Ethereumnavi)”?

  • People who study solidity
  • Beginning developers
  • People who like NFT
  • People who want to learn more about NFT

Ethereum navi is a community of people like the above and a media for information about NFT/Solidity/L2, etc.

In addition to this website, I also disseminate information through a variety of other media, including Discord and YouTube.

It’s managed by Derio (@yutakandori).

Vision of “イーサリアムnavi”

First, let me explain the name “ethereum navi”.

The name “ethereum” is aptly descriptive of my intention to disseminate information around ethereum.

The other “navi” has two meanings, including my own interpretation: to continue to navigate without being swayed.

What is “navigate”?

I’m meant to “navigate” you, the reader, to the cutting edge by bringing you the best of the information/contents around ethereum.

For this reason, I try to provide easy-to-understand explanations, and also try to stay ahead of the curve and write about projects that are likely to be the focus of much attention in the future.

What is “without being swayed” ?

In the process, it will also be necessary for me, the author, not to lose sight of my own compass.

From such a mindset, I have included the meaning of not being swayed by money, power, or a sense of market.

In addition to not selling my souls for money, I would like to actively research and disseminate information on projects that are not highly regarded in the Japanese market, but that I personally consider highly valuable, even if the PV numbers do not increase immediately.

Of course, it goes without saying that the wind and waves do not sway the boat.

First of all, I think it is true that some people have a stale image of “NFT” at this point, but I personally think that is a shame.

Of course, it is an undeniable fact that the situation is a mixture of wheat and chaff, as some of them are not only scandalous but even fraudulent.

However, there are many challenging and wonderful NFT projects among them, such as the following, and I would like to focus on such NFT projects in this media.

  • Technical excellence elements
  • Presenting new concepts and values
  • NFT / DAOs that practice unique attempts

I don’t recommend that you read this media article for investment purposes, as the project I am picking up is definitely a mixture of wheat and chaff from an investment perspective.
I hope that you will view this page solely for the purpose of learning about examples of new attempts at conceptualization and technical and systematic excellence.

In order to make this determination, I am actively researching Solidity and other development fields, and learning by writing my own code and deploying contracts.

I also hope to help beginners who want to develop Web3 products by providing information on the knowledge we have gained in the process.

Future Prospects for “イーサリアムnavi”

After all, as a media operator, I would like to strive to achieve a high level of visibility and credibility in this industry.

I dare to call it “this industry” because the words Crypto industry, Web3 industry, NFT industry, etc. are changing so quickly.

Of course, in order to achieve this, it is necessary for me to continue writing articles over the medium to long term of a quality that will make readers feel that they have learned a lot and that they have enjoyed reading them.

Therefore, it is my spirit to continue to research the latest information, to spare no effort in studying to understand it, and to operate steadily and continuously.

There are many other things I have in mind as a vision, but the above is the only image I can envision in concrete terms.

To be honest, I don’t think it is possible to draw a long-term roadmap from this stage, and more importantly, I don’t think it makes sense to draw one.

Even in collectible NFT projects, it was common to present a roadmap from the initial phase of the project, but recently there seems to be an increasing trend toward not providing such a roadmap and instead presenting a style or “mind map” that does not present a roadmap.

I am also vaguely hoping to do something interesting with the readers of “ethereum navi” and the community members who have joined the Discord group.

For example, as the number of participants increases, it will become easier to hold events, people who gather on Discord may team up to participate in hackathons (I actually participated in ETHGlobal), and there is even a possibility that novel ideas that the author himself would not have thought of will come up and be implemented.

In summary, I believe the future outlook at this point is as follows.

  • I will strive to operate over the medium to long term to gain high visibility and credibility in this industry.
  • As the number of stakeholders who support us increases, we will flexibly take on the challenge of new and interesting endeavors.

Management Policy of “イーサリアムnavi”

First, as stated in all articles, this media does not contain any investment advice. (NFA)
It’s solely intended to introduce technical elements and new ways to use technology, including NFT and other technologies.

Regarding the frequency of article updates, my target is basically to consistently upload one or two articles per week.

But on the other hand, I also try not to get too caught up in that frame of reference.

The reason for this is to avoid a situation in which you set yourself a quota, so that you end up publishing articles, even of low quality, in order to meet a deadline.

I believe it is my mission to provide correct information in an easy-to-understand format as much as possible, so I may occasionally update zero articles per week, but I hope you will keep a warm eye on me.

In addition, there have been very rare instances of zero updates per week, but these were due to the following and other reasons.

  • Research was difficult and time-consuming.
  • The article was not finished to my satisfaction, and I had to rewrite it from scratch.
  • I was about 80% done, but then another interesting project came up and I got lost in researching that one.

By the way, as those with good intuition may have already noticed, I enjoy researching and writing articles on the information that comes out day after day in this industry, and I have never felt any pain in doing so.

I’m convinced that I can continue to do anything because I enjoy it, and I’m of the opinion that I can write higher quality articles that way.

With this in mind, I would like to continue to operate by uploading articles with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, without imposing an unreasonable quota on myself.

Job Requests/Consultation

「スポンサー募集中!」 means 『I’m looking for sponsors!』

Thank you very much for reading this far.

Based on the above, if you are willing to consider the following items, please feel free to contact me from here.

  • Requests to write articles (to be published on my website)
  • Collaboration proposals
  • Consultation on advertisement placement (sponsor)
  • Other job requests and consultations

I welcome you to send me your materials.